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Kobalt signs Lionel Richie

By | Published on Thursday 1 October 2015

Lionel Richie

Kobalt signing of the week, which is a feature we could probably add to the Daily if only there was time to create a logo (there isn’t), is that there Lionel Richie. You know, Mr Richie. The Richster. Lionel. Ly.

Yes, earlier this week Kobalt announced it had signed a global publishing agreement with a “true global superstar”. Not my words by the way, I stole them off Kobalt President Richard Sanders. Which is cheeky I know, but I wasted valuable time checking with the CMU design department whether creating a Kobalt Signing Of The Week logo was or was not a viable option, so now I’m in a rush.

Now I’ve explained all that to you I’m in even more of a rush. Which means there is no time to proof read these here quotes. I’m just going to have to hope that Sanders and Kobalt GM Of Creative And Acquisitions Sue Drew are the kind of people who would not supply inaccurate or badly constructed sentences in press releases. I wonder if either of them is “thrilled”. I guess I’ll never know.

Sanders: “I couldn’t be more excited about welcoming Lionel Richie into the Kobalt family. A true global superstar, his music has touched billions of people and influenced artists around the world”.

Drew: “It is an honour to be representing Lionel Richie, one of our American treasures. His body of work is a testament to his talent and success and we are proud to be working with him”.