Korn title new LP

By | Published on Friday 12 July 2013


So, Korn have signed off on their eleventh LP, ‘The Paradigm Shift’. With once-departed guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch now fully back on board, having stayed on following a stint playing live with the band earlier this year, they (and he) will release the new record on 30 Sep.

James ‘Munky’ Shaffer explains that title: “It’s a term encompassing different perspectives. You can view a piece of art from one angle and it takes on a certain image. If you look from another angle, it’s a completely different image. We liken that to Korn in 2013”.

He adds: “With Head back in the fold, all of the elements fans have loved since day one are there, but we’re interpreting them from a new perspective. It’s a bigger, brighter, and bolder Korn”.