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Kreayshawn uses toilet

By | Published on Thursday 23 February 2012


Last summer we learned that Ke$ha likes “to pee on weird things”, now in a blatant attempt to trump her, fellow rapper Kreayshawn has upped the toilet habit stakes by announcing during an interview with GQ that she needed to defecate. We only cover the big issues here at CMU.

“I have to POOP”, she apparently announced after ushering the male element of her entourage out of the room. Though, quickly realising that not having also dispatched the interviewer could be a mistake, she added: “Are you going to write about how I pooped, ate nachos, then pooped again? Men won’t like that”.

Given that up to that point in the resulting GQ interview we didn’t know about any previous toilet use, or the ingestion of corn-based snacks, it would appear that the answer was “yes”. Sorry Kreayshawn. Sorry men.

She then revealed that she was “prairie doggin”. What’s that? I hear you ask. You are a fool for asking. Kreayshawn explained: “You know how a prairie dog kind of pops his head out and then pops it back in? That’s what my shit is doing”.

Sorry everyone.

Interviewer Lauren Bans also notes that the rapper slid the toilet door “only halfway shut”. More details as we get them. Read the full article on GQ here.