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Krept launches baby skincare range

By | Published on Tuesday 24 May 2022

Krept & Nala

Casyo ‘Krept’ Johnson of Krept & Konan fame has announced that he is launching a new skincare range for babies. The press info proudly proclaims that he is the first rapper to do so. But surely not the last.

The Nala’s Baby range is a partnership with his ex-girlfriend, influencer Sasha Ellese Gilbert, and is named after their one year old daughter Nala. They say they began working on the product before Nala was born, as they were unable to find any baby products rated as having no environmentally harmful ingredients on the Think Dirty app, which provides such ratings.

“Nala’s Baby has been a passion project since I fell pregnant with our daughter Nala”, says Gilbert. “When shopping for skincare products I was shocked to see that so many baby brands hadn’t ever achieved a zero score on the ingredients rating platform Think Dirty, meaning that they were potentially harmful to sensitive skin … We’re so glad that soon Nala’s Baby can finally be shared with parents and their children across the UK and hope they love it as much as we do!”

Johnson adds: “Sasha and I are delighted to finally bring to market our zero rated baby product by Think Dirty, something that all parents can take advantage of for their own babies and children. This was crucial for us as we, like many other parents, struggled to find the right products to use from birth for Nala’s skin. We wanted the range to be available to as many people and for as many skin types as possible, while bringing the magic to bath and bedtime for all families across the UK”.

Anyway, I started writing this because it seemed funny and therefore the perfect topic for an ‘and finally’ story. A rapper! Launching a skincare range! For babies! But now I think he might have won me over. He just wants his baby’s skin to be alright, guys! That’s a nice thing. I’m sure he’s not even considered how lucrative this market could be. He just wanted some of this for his own baby and had to make a bulk order to get it. What was he going to do? Put it in his garage?

I mean, it does seem a bit weird that they keep banging on about some app I’ve never heard of. And also that they were seemingly convinced from conception that their baby would have eczema. But probably best not to concern ourselves with such things.

And so, let’s just note that this skincare range for babies is set to hit shelves on Father’s Day on 20 Jun. It’s really fucking expensive, by the way.