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Album Review: K’s Choice – Echo Mountain (Sony)

By | Published on Tuesday 26 October 2010

K's Choice

Another comeback album from ties broken a little less than a decade ago, ‘Echo Mountain’ is the fifth full-length studio recording from Belgian alt-folk outfit K’s Choice.

A band more recognised for their work in the early to mid 90s – when every indie chick’s poster girls of choice were Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple, and boy was I no stranger to that – K’s Choice did and continue to cater to a certain demographic of coolly sensitive but passionately outspoken young women (and men, I suppose). I’m slightly embarrassed to say I discovered them via a guest spot in an early episode of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. But, despite that exposure, they were never so widely embraced as they perhaps should have been.

The new album is split into two discs of seven tracks each and is clean and delicate, sometimes sadly to the point of mundane. But where it shines, it shines, and standout track ‘Killing Dragons’ is geared more towards the echoing and beautiful melancholy that KC are so good at churning out. Though, I remain a little confused as to why it’s been spread across two discs; stylistically, each side is not too different from the other, and the music would work just as well sitting together without a moment for a quick breather. The album is so relaxed as a whole you really don’t need a rest.

‘Echo Mountain’ has been touted as a hopeful rebirth, and while its subtle minimalism and borderline poppy hooks may not reap any new fans, the old ones can be assured that the Betten siblings are more or less back on form. TW

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