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KSI launches record label, signs Aiyana Lee

By | Published on Wednesday 17 February 2021

Rapper and YouTuber KSI has announced the launch of his own record label, The Online Takeover. His first signing is Aiyana Lee, who featured on KSI’s 2020 track ‘Killa Killa’.

“Ya boy has created his own music label”, says KSI. “Looking at my resume, I’ve always been about making sure the people around me are eating good. So, I am proud to announce that Aiyana Lee is the first of the TOT gang and will be returning with another banger very soon”.

“As an artist born of the current generation, I know what artists need and what labels lack”, he goes on. “I wanted to create a safe and fair place for them to cultivate their talents and shine”.

Lee adds: “Being the first artist on KSI’s label is so incredible and exciting, especially when he’s such a down to earth human being and inspiration to so many people including myself. Getting to work with someone like that, after years of also being a fan, is so much fun and extremely creative”.

“I’ve been making music I’ve always wanted to make and exploring the inner depths of my sound”, she goes on. “The new single on The Online Takeover is going to really showcase what I want to say through my music and set the tone for what I’m about artistically”.

KSI has co-founded TOT with his manager, Mams Taylor, who says: “I am honoured to be working so closely with someone I respect so much and have genuine love for. [KSI] has been an amazing client and I consider him family. We have a very honest and authentic relationship. We bounce ideas off each other all the time and brainstorm effectively, so it feels like a natural progressive step for us to unite our strengths together in merging this partnership”.

“It’s really cool and fun to successfully work with someone you really like as a human being and makes the victories taste that much sweeter”, Taylor adds. “We have some great things in the works, and I can’t wait for our ideas to come to fruition”.