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Kylie Minogue also features on Coldplay’s failed collaborations list

By | Published on Thursday 18 February 2016


If this trend continues, we’re going to have a pretty long list of people who have been asked but then haven’t recorded songs with Coldplay. The latest is Kylie Minogue, though she at least doesn’t seem to have refused. Rather she was another victim of David Bowie’s previously reported Coldplay snub.

As you will all surely remember, the band recently revealed that Bowie turned down the chance to record with Coldplay on the grounds that the song they presented him with was “not very good”. And it now seems that Minogue was also destined to appear on that recording, had the song been better.

Discussing the fact that Minogue would be presenting the band with their Godlike Genius prize at the NME Awards last night, guitarist Jonny Buckland said: “We love Kylie and have done ever since ‘Neighbours’ in 1985. We covered her once at Glastonbury when she couldn’t come and once tried to make a song with her in the studio and David Bowie, which didn’t come off so well”.

Maybe there’s still hope for Coldplay and Minogue to hook up then. After all, they eventually got to work with Beyonce, both in the studio and at the Super Bowl. And she once refused to work with the band because the song they’d written for her was “awful”.