Lamb Of God frontman discusses manslaughter charge

By | Published on Thursday 19 July 2012

Lamb of God

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has spoken for the first time about the manslaughter charge he faces in the Czech Republic, where he has now been incarcerated for three weeks.

As previously reported, Blythe was arrested and charged when the band arrived in Prague to play a gig in the city at the end of last month. The charge relates to the death of a fan following a performance in the Czech capital two years ago. According to reports, the fan, named only as Daniel N, climbed onto the stage several times during the show, and on the third occasion was pushed off, allegedly by Blythe, and fell onto his head, sustaining injuries that led to his death.

Blythe posted bail of four million Czech koruna (approximately £130,000) the following week. However, he was told he would have to stay in jail for at least another ten days after the prosecution contested his release on bail, saying that he was likely to attempt to flee the country.

Speaking to Blesk, Blythe said: “I do not know anything about what happened [at the Prague show two years ago]. I remember very few shows [in any great detail], because I play so many. I just remember that the club had a small stage, which we barely fit onto. Also, apparently there was a security guard because lots of people were climbing onto the stage. I think I remember one guy in particular, but I could be confused with other clubs. Since I don’t wear my glasses when we play, I see little more than outlines of people. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only thing that could have happened was that I came into contact with someone from the audience, when I was protecting myself from unpredictable [people jumping onto the stage]”.

Asked about his treatment by police and the logistics of the case, he said: “I believe that [the police investigation is] very professional and it follows the principles of good conduct. But in terms of justice, frankly, I do not understand because it is different than the US. I thought that if we paid bail, I’d be released. I definitely don’t know how my charges will be explained in court, as our goal [at a show] is to make sure the audience enjoys themselves”.

Blythe is next due in court today, where the prosecution’s challenge to the singer being released on bail will be considered again. If convicted, Blythe faces up to ten years in prison.