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Lamb Of God offer new single as a message of positivity during COVID-19 outbreak

By | Published on Thursday 19 March 2020

Lamb Of Good

Lamb Of God have released new single ‘Memento Mori’, the opening track from their upcoming new album. Handily, it turns out that the song is relevant to the strange times in which we currently find ourselves living.

“There is a vast amount of indisputably real and depressingly negative occurrences happening across the globe,” frontman Randy Blythe explains. “Currently, at the forefront of everyone’s mind is the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is a very real concern, and proper precautions need to be taken by everyone in order to protect those most at risk – the elderly, infirm, and immunocompromised”.

“It is indeed a scary time”, he goes on, “but in this hyper-connected age with its 24/7 never-ending news cycle of atrocity, outrage and lurid click-bait headlines – not to mention ill-informed lunatics running amok and spreading misinformation and panic on social media – it is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that life is still carrying on, and good things do in fact still happen”.

He then explains: “Months before the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, I wrote ‘Memento Mori’ as a reminder to myself to not be consumed by the omnipresent electronic harbingers of doom that surround us – cellphones, computers and television screens. While these devices can be useful tools, and it is important to stay informed, it is equally important to remain engaged with the real, physical world we with live in, not just digitally filtered representations of reality”.

“Music has always been there for me, raising my spirits during hard times, and it is my hope that this song’s positive message will do the same for fans of our music right now and beyond”, he goes on. “The release date for the tune was set a good while ago, but the timing seems eerily prescient to me now. So enjoy the song, and then remember to step away from the screens for a bit – real life is waiting for you. We only get one shot, so don’t waste this day. Everyone be well, keep a cool head, take care of yourselves, and take care of each other”.

That new album, ‘Lamb Of God’, is set for release on 8 May through Nuclear Blast. Watch the video for ‘Memento Mori’ here: