Lana Del Rey releasing deluxe Born To Die edition, scoring films

By | Published on Thursday 26 July 2012

Lana Del Rey

As if Lana Del Rey’s debut ‘Born To Die’ wasn’t adequately grandiose, the singer has announced an all-new-and-extended “paradise edition” of the LP. Featuring its fifteen original tracks plus seven heavenly extras (so, demos and B-sides), the deluxe re-issue is apparently set for release in November.

Broadcasting live via Australia’s NovaFM, the ‘Video Games’ singer said: “It’s not a new album, it’s more like an afterthought, it’s the ‘paradise edition’ of ‘Born To Die’. It’s like seven new songs that kind of put a period on the statement that I was making when I was making the record… it’s beautiful”.

Del Rey, who speaks with uncharacteristic candour throughout the interview, also unveiled an “original passion” for scoring films. Without detailing any particular projects, she told radio host Tim Blackwell: “Since my best friend is this composer, who studied under some of the most famous composers when he was younger, I’ve gotten to move into a world where I’m working with people that I really respect, and kind of doing quiet work for movies”.