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Lars Ulrich is a knight now

By | Published on Wednesday 14 June 2017

Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich is now a knight. In Denmark. Because the UK isn’t the only country that operates daft honour systems of this kind.

The Danish born Metallica drummer is now a knight of the Order Of Dannebrog. That’s the second highest order in Denmark, after the Order Of The Elephant. Look at us learning! Wearing the ‘ridderkorset’, or Knight’s Cross, Ulrich is entitled to 10% off in Boots and an extra hour in bed on Tuesdays. Possibly.

A spokesperson for Metallica confirmed the news to CMU this morning, saying: “Yes it’s true! Lars has been given the Knight’s Cross of the Dannebrog Order in Denmark. Arise Sir Ulrich!”

According to Danish media reports, Ulrich actually received his badge last month, although it has only been officially announced now.