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Learn-language-through-music app raises new funding

By | Published on Tuesday 24 September 2019


Lirica, a nifty app that helps people learn the basics about a foreign language though music, has raised $1 million in seed funding, with Sony Music among its backers. It will use the money to grow the business and expand the range of languages it covers.

The company behind Lirica says that its app is “at the intersection between education and music” using “songs to make language learning fun and engaging”. Meanwhile, it adds, the concept of using songs in a foreign language to help people learn said foreign language is “supported by scientific research demonstrating the emotive and memorable power of music in the context of learning”.

Originally conceived in 2017, to date the focus has been on the Spanish language, but the company hopes to be able to expand on that now it has the new funding in place.

Founder Paul Custance says: “We are the only app which creates curated language learning lessons focused on the most exciting and varied music that a language and culture has to offer. We are very excited to raise this funding as it allows us to extend the Spanish learning platform into other languages. As we see our platform as collaborative with class-based language learning, we will also be working with schools and institutions to get music used in the classroom in a more structured manner”.