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Lee Ryan in rehab following drink driving arrest

By | Published on Tuesday 15 April 2014

Lee Ryan

Lee ‘for the mothers’ pride’ Ryan has been speaking a bit regarding his arrest last week for alleged drink driving, and suspected possession of a controlled substance, thought to be cocaine. One love.

Ryan was stopped by police, who noticed him driving “erratically”, early last Friday morning. It’s alleged that he declined to take a breathalyser test at the scene of the arrest, and was subsequently taken into custody and spent a night in jail, reportedly incurring an additional criminal damage charge after he urinated in his cell. Police also allegedly found traces of a Class A drug in Ryan’s car, though a possession charge is still pending while the substance is identified. A statement made by the Metropolitan Police confirms that he will appear on bail at Ealing Magistrates’ Court on 2 May.

Ryan, who was convicted of drink driving in 2003, resulting in a fine and an eighteen month ban, tells The Daily Star he intends to enter The Priory clinic in London this week to deal with depression and a long-standing addiction to alcohol.

He says: “Me going to rehab isn’t a cop-out. I still take full responsibility for the way I’ve behaved. There is nobody to blame but myself and I’m deeply ashamed of what has happened. I am doing this because I have finally admitted I need help. I know I’ve let people down. Being arrested and ending up in a cell was the biggest wake-up call to me. It made me realise there is a problem I can’t keep ignoring. I need to do something about it”.

He adds: “I can see that my actions were irresponsible and that I put myself and others in danger. For that I am truly sorry”.