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Lee Ryan quits Twitter after drunken rant

By | Published on Wednesday 24 October 2012

Lee Ryan

Blue singer Lee Ryan has apparently quit Twitter following an online rant about his former girlfriend Samantha Millar, whom he believed was planning to sell a story about him to the tabloids.

The two met via MySpace in 2007 and now have a three year old son, Rain. They were engaged to be married, but broke up in 2010 after Ryan was charged with assaulting Millar. However, recently they have seemingly been on good terms, and as recently as Sunday Ryan tweeted a picture of Millar and Rain with ‘Eastenders’ actor Adam Woodyatt.

Shortly before his rant began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Ryan tweeted that he was working on the script for a horror movie and had drunk an entire bottle of wine in the process. Then, just after midnight he wrote: “No I’ve had enough of it!!!!! I’m only a person!!! I’ve had enough. Loved ones selling stories!!! Takes the piss!!!! Press takes the piss”.

Claiming that Millar was “selling my story on my abusive relationship over the last five years”, he proceeded to say that Millar had told him that she was going to the papers in the morning, after which he posted the mobile phone number of the journalist he claimed she was in contact with.

After a number of Twitter users suggested that was poor form, an hour after his first tweet Ryan wrote: “Fuck all u wankers on here!!! Some people have killed themselves over twitter!!! This sight should be banned!!!”

Waking up to all this in the morning, Millar tweeted just after 7am: “The weirdest thing is… There was nothing mentioned about selling anything. Nothing’s getting sold. Madness”.

Ryan was seemingly no less angry after a few hours’ sleep, though his ire was still directed at the users of Twitter, rather than his former partner. Just after 9am, he wrote what may or may not be his final tweet: “Sorry, will never be on twitter again. I think this sight is actually wrong”.

Ryan did return overnight, but only to delete his angry tweets. Witness the full Twitter storm here: