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Lennon solo recordings added to Spotify

By | Published on Tuesday 7 October 2014

John Lennon

Spotify continues in its bid to be the streaming service with no heritage artist hold-outs, by confirming that most of John Lennon’s solo catalogue is now available on the streaming service.

Whether that’s a sign that the streaming platform might be getting closer to securing The Beatles oeuvre – currently only available in digital form on iTunes (and about a million illegal sources) – is what you’d expect me to idly speculate at this point, so this is me, idly speculating. Speculate, speculate, woo, yeah, speculate. Is that enough speculating? Good.

You might also expect me, at this point, to point out that this announcement comes just two days before what would have been Lennon’s 74th birthday, but I’m not going to mention that. That’d be boring. Instead here is a list of the Lennon albums now available for fine Spotify streaming…

Milk And Honey
Plastic Ono Band
Rock ‘N’ Roll
Mind Games
Sometime In New York City
Walls And Bridges
Double Fantasy
Gimme Some Truth
Signature Box
Power To The People – The Hits