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Leto making film about his EMI fall out

By | Published on Monday 5 September 2011

30 Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto’s plans to make a movie about his band’s fall out with EMI are reportedly back on. 30 Seconds To Mars were sued by EMI in 2008 over a dispute regards their contract with Virgin Music in the US. The legal squabble was settled in 2009.

That the whole thing may be documented on film comes from Bob Lefsetz, who has been filmed by Jared discussing EMI’s recent history, including its 2007 acquisition by Terra Firma. Writes Lefsetz in the Lefsetz Letter: “He is making a movie about 30 Seconds To Mars and its fight with EMI in the wake of the Terra Firma takeover. They were bugging me eons ago [about this], but then faded away. I saw the album came out [and] I figured the film was shelved. But then Jared himself tracked me down, said it was still on and would I come on camera and testify”.

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