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Lewis Capaldi taunts Noel Gallagher in trailer for cover song

By | Published on Thursday 12 March 2020

Lewis Capaldi

Through a quirk of time and online video series conceits, Lewis Capaldi has reignited his feud with Noel Gallagher. Because all other premises for session videos have been used up, YouTube is launching a new series where musicians cover the song that was number one on the day they were born. And guess who Capaldi bagged?

Of course, in 1996, when Capaldi was born, Noel Gallagher was yet to properly launch his solo career – still being the guitarist in Oasis at the time. However, he did feature on The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Setting Sun’, which spent one week at number one in October that year. Coincidentally, the week that Capaldi emerged into the world.

YouTube hasn’t actually released Capaldi’s version of the song yet, but it has put out a trailer leaving plenty of room for concern. For example, Capaldi in the studio suggesting that he sing the lead synth line of the song. Although he reassures the viewer: “I used to be really good at covers, so this is gonna be interesting”.

The feud between the two musicians began last year when Gallagher described Capaldi’s music as “wank” and said that Capaldi himself looked like “fucking Chewbacca”.

Capaldi responded by saying that “getting slagged off by Noel was a life-affirming moment”. He also appeared on stage at Glastonbury with a t-shirt bearing Gallagher’s image, and then walked on stage at TRNSMT wearing a Chewbacca mask (which was later auctioned off for charity – twice).

Capaldi finishes his YouTube trailer with a direct message for Gallagher, saying: “The only person who’s not gonna like it is probably Noel Gallagher. If I fuck your song up, I’m sorry”.

Won’t someone – anyone – think of the Chemical Brothers? Anyway, we’ll find out how the cover actually turned out on 24 Mar when the new ‘Birthday Song’ series launches. Watch the trailer here: