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Lewis Hamilton unmasks himself as XDNA (you remember that whole thing, right?)

By | Published on Thursday 30 July 2020

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has finally admitted that he is the mysterious XDNA, who appeared on Christina Aguilera’s 2018 track ‘Pipe’.

What do you mean you didn’t know that was a thing? That was a whole thing! Everyone was talking about it at the time. Absolutely everyone. Except for Hamilton, who steadfastly refused to be drawn on the topic. Now, however, things have changed.

“Guys”, he declared in an Instagram story post yesterday, “I’ve spent the last ten years or more writing and recording, working with some of the most talented and beautiful people, which I’m so grateful for. It’s been the most incredible outlet. Finding something you love so much and can do just for you, for your spirit, is, I think, such an important process”.

He went on: “I’ve come to the place where I’d love to share it with you. I haven’t got a project or album, just a bunch of different songs that perhaps some of you will be able to connect to. They have helped me get through some of the most difficult times. At some stage, I’m going to find a moment to share with you, so bear with me”.

So that’s all very noncommittal as to when we might actually hear this stuff. But, he then said, “I had this incredibly beautiful and talented person reach out to me a while back asking for me to be on her album. I was so blown away I jumped at the opportunity”.

“I had two hours to write the verse and record”, he explained. “The goal was to have the music come out under a different name, so that you could hear the music first and later know it was me, but it didn’t work out the way I’d planned. I shied away from acknowledging it was me. I don’t know why, maybe insecurities, fear, overthinking. Something I think many people can relate to”.

“Well”, he continued, “I want to say that XDNA is me and I am so grateful to [Christina Aguilera] for giving me a place to use my voice. I have so much gratitude and respect for her and what she’s done in the business”.

He concluded by adding the hashtag “#pipe”. Which, it turns out, is not the place on Instagram for fevered discussion about a two year old Aguilera album track. In fact, perhaps more surprisingly, it is mainly populated by pipe smokers.

Hamilton revealed back in 2014 that he’d got into making music after building a home studio for his then girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. A year later he previewed two tracks during an interview with US TV show ’60 Minutes’, saying then that he was keen to share his music with fans of his driving skills.

Anyway, it all kind of makes you wonder what other tracks he’s secretly appeared on. Oh my god, is Lewis Hamilton actually William Bowery?