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Liam Gallagher not happy with London premiere for new Oasis doc

By | Published on Thursday 9 June 2016


Liam Gallagher ain’t happy. He ain’t happy about the new Oasis documentary. And who is? Well, Liam Gallagher actually. He recently described the doc – which features previously unseen archive footage and interviews with all former members of the band, including both Gallaghers – as “A REAL FILM ABOUT A REAL BAND FOR REAL FANS”. And that must be true. I mean, look at the capital letters.

So why ain’t Liam Gallagher happy? Because the premiere of the film is set to take place in London not Manchester, that’s why. And I wonder whose idea that was. “So check this out” he tweeted yesterday, “apparently some clown [is] trying to tell me this film about my fucking band – yeah MY band – is not premiering in MCR”. He then added that: “Your so called mighty one [is] only up for London premiere”.

Hey, I’m a problem solver, so here’s the problem solved. This website reckons Solihull is half way between London and Manchester and I’m guessing the local Cineworld could fit in a screening of the new Oasis doc in between the new Ninja Turtles movie and the Warcraft film. Follow it up with some nosh at Solihull’s Spice Club, and boom, I think we’ll have an Oasis reunion on the cards.