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Liam Payne driven insane by snakes on a plain

By | Published on Thursday 26 September 2013

Liam Payne

All One Direction’s Liam Payne asks is that his fans stay away from wild snakes. Which isn’t that big an ask, is it? Well yeah, it is apparently, especially when death by snake bite might mean a kiss of life from Harry Styles.

Warning a pack of distracted/naïve/silly Directioners waiting to catch sight of the band in Adelaide, Australia, via Twitter, a panicked Payne said: “Girls behind the hotel please get out [of] the fields, there’s a huge sign saying snake habitat. It’s just not worth it someone’s gunna get hurt”.

Hear that? Only a ‘snake habitat’, and a clearly labelled one at that. Irritated that the fangirls (fang-girls?) showed no sign of retreating, he added: “Are you not reading what I’m saying – it’s a SNAKE HABITAT TURN AROUND”.