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Liima release Olympics-themed mini-documentary as Russians music video

By | Published on Friday 5 August 2016


Just in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and all the Russia-related controversy surrounding it, Liima have released a new music video that doubles up as a mini-documentary about the 1980 Games in Moscow, where over 60 countries boycotted the event.

The song for which the video was made, ‘Russians’, was based on an orchestral sample the band took from an unnamed piece of music they found. Later it turned out that the composition was written by Russian composer Aleksandra Pakhmutova for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The group worked with directors Jonas Bang and MILK on the video. “The Olympic Games is a peace movement, an arena for nations to compete and show greatness through sport performances rather than war and politics”, say the directors.

“But just as in 1980, politics has a habit of muddying those honest intentions. So with the upcoming games in Rio and the personal disaster for the numerous Russian athletes banned due to a state-organised doping scheme, we felt it was time for a reminder to keep the Olympics pure and honour its peace-positive values. Remember that it is the athletes who pay the price of nations’ political games”.

‘Russians’ is taken from ‘ii’, the debut album by Liima, a band made up of Efterklang and percussionist Tatu Rönkkö. Watch the video here…