Lil Wayne accused of second skateboard pap attack

By | Published on Monday 21 May 2012

Lil Wayne

Last year Lil Wayne was collecting copyright disputes in relation to his 2008 album ‘Tha Carter III’. This year he seems to be collecting legal actions relating to altercations involving photographers and skateboards.

Actually, the circumstances surrounding the latest alleged altercation involving the rapper, a photographer and the violent use of a skateboard are so similar to one reported last month, there’s a case for assuming they are actually the same incident, the first being reported from a criminal law perspective (ie a complaint had been made to the police) and the second revolving around subsequent civil action (ie a lawsuit has been filed against Wayne).

But TMZ seems to think these are two separate run-ins, with the latest alleged to have occurred on 3 May, while the previous incident took place in early April. Some key facts about the second fracas also vary from the first, though the two events do have a lot in common.

The latest claims come from Alfredo Marino, who is suing the rapper and his associates for damages caused during an alleged run in. Marino says that he saw Wayne and his posse skateboarding. As a big fan of the rapper, he approached the group and asked if he could take a photo. The rapper declined, so Marino retreated to his car and tried to take a long distance picture instead.

Wayne seemingly saw this, took his entourage over to Marino’s car, told the photographer: “Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherfuckers are going to fuck you up?” Then one of the rapper’s posse hit the claimant on the back of his head with a skateboard, knocking him to the ground and leaving him bleeding and concussed.

A legal rep for Marino told TMZ: “My client will enforce all of his rights under the law and all individuals responsible for this outrageous incident will be blamed for the damages that my client has suffered and continues to suffer”.

In April a photographer filed a complaint with the Miami police, claiming he had been photographing Wayne and his posse skateboarding, but was subsequently threatened by the rapper’s entourage, who pushed him to the ground and spat on him. Though in that incident the skateboard was seemingly used to damage the snapper’s bicycle rather than his head.

Wayne’s people are yet to comment on either alleged altercation.