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Line Music expands into Taiwan

By | Published on Tuesday 9 July 2019

Line Music

Japanese streaming set-up Line Music – the music service of the Line messaging app – is expanding into a third market this week, it set to go live in Taiwan on Wednesday.

Line Music launched in Thailand and Japan in 2015. It was an early entrant into the Japanese streaming market, where the shift to digital has happened much slower, of course.

Line’s musical dabblings were particularly supported by Sony’s Japanese music business and the country’s ‘fourth major’ Avex, which were initially keen that Japan’s record industry have more control over any emerging streaming market there, rather than just having the global players roll in and take over.

The launch in Taiwan comes as the wider Line business seeks to boost its user-base in the country. In contrast to its Japanese launch, Line Music is rather late to the party in Taiwan, where Spotify and Apple Music already compete with home-grown KKBox.

According to Taiwan News, the company has recruited pop star Coco Lee to be its brand ambassador as it launches in the country, and will also sponsor her upcoming tour dates, including a show in the Taiwanese capital Taipei.