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Line-up announced for Great Escape Digital Pitch Party

By | Published on Wednesday 15 May 2013

Sam Taylor

The Great Escape kicks off in Brighton tomorrow morning at 10.30am with a packed day of panels, debates, networking, parties and showcases. And in the Old Courtroom venue the focus will be on data and discovery, with a strand of sessions dedicated to music discovery in the digital space and the opportunities ever more sophisticated data offers artists, labels and promoters.

The Focus On Data & Discovery will conclude with the return of the Digital Pitch Party, a popular strand at last year’s TGE. Digitally-focused delegates will relocate to Brighton pub Mesmerist, where legal firm Simons, Muirhead & Burton will be buying the drinks, and representatives from a number of great music start-ups will deliver a quick elevator pitch outlining what their business does. Those pitching include MPme,, Bandwagon, Songdrop, Richseam and Concert Live.

CMU Insight’s Sam Taylor, who has selected the pitchers, told CMU: “There has been no shortage of music-focused digital start-ups appearing on the scene in the last year, but some stand-out in particular, and those are the companies who will be pitching at our Digital Pitch Party this year. All our pitchers are interested in extended their contacts and relationships within the wider music community, and this is a great opportunity for those partnerships to begin”.

The Digital Pitch Party is open to all TGE delegates at Mesmerist from 4.30pm tomorrow, Thursday 16 May.