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Line-up confirmed for video-themed Great Escape conversation

By | Published on Thursday 9 May 2013

Kevin Godley

The full line-up has been confirmed for the final addition to The Great Escape’s conversations strand for 2013, the series of more informal sessions with artists and industry leaders discussing their work, opinions and the changing music business.

Called ‘The Art Of Music Video: A Conversation’, veterans and rising stars of the music video domain will discuss how the pop promo has a new role in the YouTube age, and how the increased importance of an artists’ visual output is changing the relationship between directors, artists and labels. Led by Radar Music Video’s Caroline Bottomley, taking part in the conversation will be Kevin Godley, Andy Soup, Emile Rafael and Jamie Muir.

Bottomley told CMU: “Backed by the might of Google, YouTube is becoming more and more powerful, and I think we all know music videos are now considered essential for an artist’s success. With that in mind, I really look forward to chatting with some top flight directors, both established and new, at The Great Escape next week, about how the art of the music video is changing. And maybe throwing in some extra little questions too – like ‘if you can get a music video done for £2000, why spend £20,000?’, and ‘does your video have to be NSFW if you want it to be successful?'”

‘The Art Of Music Video: A Conversation’ takes place at 4.15pm as part of the TGE Convention at [email protected] Screen 1.

Godley will also be showcasing WholeWorldBand at TGE this year, a new audio-visual music app he has conceived which helps artists collaborate with likeminded creative people, and to generate new revenues. Ahead of a full launch later this summer, the WholeWordBand team will be at The Great Escape this year demo-ing the app.