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Little Mix to front new BBC One talent show

By | Published on Friday 18 October 2019

Little Mix

Little Mix are searching. Searching for something. But what? What are they searching for? They are searching for rivals. They want a fight. There must be more pop!

As I think I made abundantly clear in the previous paragraph, Little Mix are to front a new BBC One talent show called ‘Little Mix The Search’. In it, they will seek out singers to form a load of new pop groups. One overall winning group will then support them on their UK tour next summer.

The programme is being made for the BBC by new production company ModestTV, which is coincidentally a division of Little Mix’s management company, Modest! Management. The new TV firm is a partnership with producer Andrea Hamilton, who has overseen successful (if tedious) shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘The Voice’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

“Modest! Management look after some of the most popular and successful music artists in the business”, says Hamilton. “Whilst television has always been about talent, it’s more prevalent than ever and so starting a company together to help maximise the opportunities for the talent, along with other format ideas, is an exciting place to be”.

Modest! Management co-founder Harry Magee adds: “Entertainment TV is an area we’ve been interested in expanding into for a while … this feels like an obvious way to combine our creative skills to help discover opportunities for the existing Modest! talent roster and beyond”.

Also name-checking the new venture’s Creative Director, Stefan Iriarte, he goes on: “With Andrea and Stef’s production and development credentials in entertainment formats and event television, this feels like a natural and exciting fit”.

Meanwhile, Little Mix chip in: “We want to create lots of incredible groups who really gel. As we have been there and done it ourselves, we know what it takes to make a group successful, and will be there to mentor them every step of the way. We want solo artists to audition as well as groups and every type of genre is welcome too. It’s going to be really exciting and people can apply right now!”

‘Little Mix The Search’ will run over seven Saturday night episodes at some point next year. As well as this, ModestTV has got itself another BBC commission too. This time it’s for BBC Three, with a programme concept called ‘Football Stars In Bad Cars’, which sounds… it sounds… well, it certainly does sound, and on that I think we can all agree.