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Live Review: Jenny and Johnny at 93 Feet East in London on 7 Dec

By | Published on Monday 20 December 2010

Jenny And Johnny

“If you’ve got any questions, you can ask them now”, Johnathan Rice tells the crowd.

“Thanks for coming to Brick Lane on a Tuesday night”, one punter shouts from the back.

“That is not a question, sir.” Johnathan replies flippantly, cocking his guitar and flicking his slightly sweaty dirty-blond hair away from his face. “But you’re very fucking welcome”.

And so the attitude of Jenny and Johnny’s first of five London gigs is set in place – cool and collected, but tarred with a hint of (nevertheless endearing) loftiness.

It’s a long gig – but it’s in no way slugged out as the duo – both amazing solo artists in their own right – play every song from their debut ‘I’m Having Fun Now’, plus a few surprises and old favourites most of us (rabid fans) in the audience know very well. Jenny Lewis is a tiny redhead with a voice that could tear down walls, Johnathan Rice is her rough and world-weary partner in crime. I’d say she’s the June Carter to his Johnny Cash – but let’s not compare, because she’s definitely not sweet enough for that, and that’s a good thing.

After a good (bloody good) forty minutes of material from the aforementioned album plus a new song, J and J part ways for some solo treats, including Lewis’s excellent ‘Carpetbaggers’ which sends the crowd into a frenzy. They lift us up, and up again, and it is with this feeling so inexplicably high that I leave the building, safe in the knowledge that I ended the year with the best gig I’ve seen in 2010. TW