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LIVE to join government advisory group on the impact of Brexit

By | Published on Friday 22 April 2022


The UK live sector’s trade body LIVE has accepted an invitation to join a government advisory group which aims to provide ministers with advice and insight on the impact of Brexit on those sectors most affected by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, and the terms of the post-Brexit UK/EU trade agreement. Other sectors represented on the group include the energy, retail and food industries.

It’s no secret that Brexit has caused significant challenges for the live music industry, and especially British artists touring Europe who now need to navigate different rules around permits and carnets for each country. There are also issues relating to moving kit in trucks around the continent as a result of the so called cabotage rules.

Although the music community raised its concerns with the UK/EU trade agreement as soon as it was published, the UK government has moved very slowly in addressing the various issues, some of which need to be addressed with the governments of individual EU member states, and some of which can only be addressed at an EU level.

Campaigning by the likes of LIVE – both in the UK but also via the live industries in other EU countries – has resulted in some progress. In particular, LIVE noted when announcing its involvement in the advisory group yesterday, that includes “the removal of costly visas to tour across Spain and securing a temporary mechanism that reduces restrictive cabotage regulations limiting the movement of touring trucks”

However, there is plenty more to be done, and as touring returns to normal post-COVID, the Brexit-caused issues are becoming all the more problematic. LIVE will be hoping that, as a member of this advisory group, the live sector’s ongoing concerns will be very much on the government’s agenda.

Commenting on all this, LIVE’s new CEO Jon Collins said: “It is fantastic that LIVE will be representing the live entertainment and performing industries on such a vital government body. Having formed as a response to the pandemic, LIVE has consistently proven the power of working together for the good of the sector. This latest appointment will ensure our voice is heard at the heart of government on such vital issues for our sector”.