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Liverpool Sound City announces new event in NYC

By | Published on Friday 25 November 2011

Liverpool Sound City

Organisers of the Liverpool Sound City festival and convention, which takes place in the North West city each May, have announced the launch of a sister event in New York – New York Sound City, obviously – due to take place next March.

Noting past spin-off events in Dubai and the Norwegian city of Tromso, Sound City chief David Pichilingi told CMU: “The UK businesses, individuals and artists we have showcased and assisted have gone onto generate over £12 million of real money for the UK music and digital economy. We do not mess about. For us to partner up with New York is the next logical step. Liverpool and New York have always shared a special relationship with each other. Two of the world’s biggest cities and both synonymous with art, music and pop culture. This is the first announcement in what is going to be an exciting time for the growth of our strong brand”.

Other spin-off events around the world are expected to be confirmed soon, including a return to the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile LSC itself takes place from 17-19 May next year.