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Lizzo out-flutes Ron Burgundy

By | Published on Thursday 7 March 2019


There are lots of fun things you can say about rapper Lizzo. One of the most fun is “classically trained flautist”. And yet there are still people out there who don’t believe that she’s really that skilled with it comes to tooting the flute.

Last year, to prove her credentials, she released a live track showing off her flute playing, the flutily-titled ‘Bye Bitch’. Then, because the world isn’t always entirely awful, Will Ferrell – as ‘Anchorman’ character Ron Burgundy – sent of a video challenging her to some sort of flute-off.

I think Ferrell just thought that would be a funny thing to do. He probably didn’t expect a response. Much less that Lizzo would film a parody of the very scene in ‘Anchorman’ where Burgundy is revealed to have a secret talent for jazz flute. She has though, featuring a cameo from Este Haim and a fluted-up version of Lizzo’s recent single ‘Juice’.

And that is the story of how Lizzo continues to be awesome. Here’s the video: