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London Grammar rework new songs to lull you to sleep

By | Published on Thursday 29 April 2021

London Grammar

London Grammar have released three relaxing and lengthy remixes of tracks from their latest album ‘Californian Soil’. All three are available exclusively within the Calm meditation app.

The reworked versions of ‘All My Love’, ‘Californian Soil’ and ‘Lord It’s A Feeling’ clock in at fifteen, 30 and 60 minutes respectively. The aim being for you to choose a track based on the amount of time you want to meditate or just relax. Although the band suggest that they’re particularly good for helping you to nod off.

“I was always a bad sleeper when I was young”, says guitarist Dan Rothman. “I was scared of the dark, and constantly had nightmares. My anxiety around sleep lasted until my mid-20s. When I learnt about meditation and mindfulness it really helped me understand sleep and how to deal with those difficult moments when it evades me”.

Keyboardist and drummer Dot Major, who produced the remixes, adds: “I’ve been a perennial sufferer of sleepless nights since I can remember. As a child I would listen to Chopin and later on Thomas Newman to help me sleep. There was always a song in ‘Road To Perdition’ by Thomas Newman that would wake me up abruptly and, as it was before the days of playlisting, I would suffer the same fate often. Here is something to help you sleep, I’ve made sure there’s nothing jarring in there. Just cyclical rhythms and harmony that hopefully appeals to your senses in the most soporific way”.

You heard the man, get yourself to bed and put on some London Grammar now.