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London nightclub Cable closed down as Network Rail sends in bailiffs

By | Published on Thursday 2 May 2013


London nightclub Cable, situated under London Bridge Station, was closed down yesterday morning when bailiffs acting on behalf of Network Rail cut their way through the venue’s metal shutters and repossessed the space. The court-ordered break-in brought to an end two years of legal wrangling between the club’s operators and their landlords.

In a statement, the club said: “We have been forced to close following two years of ongoing legal battles with Network Rail, who took possession of the venue this morning with an entry order, putting us out of business and leaving our 70 staff without jobs. This is due to them allegedly requiring the space back for the redevelopment of London Bridge Station. It is an utterly devastating blow to what is a much loved, hugely successful, well respected music venue and media business”.

Launched in 2009, Cable is the last of three venue spaces based under the station to be taken back under control by Network Rail in recent years to make way for refurbishment. First to go was the music and theatre venue Shunt, which shut in the summer of 2010. Next was Debut, a short-lived operation in the space previously used by SeOne, which had closed due to financial issues in February 2010. Its replacement was then shutdown by Network Rail a year later.

Network Rail did not respond to a request for a statement.

[Update 3 May: Network Rail has now commented, see the statement here.]

[Update 3 May: Cable has also now issued a new statement saying that Network gave assurances that the club would not be affected by redevelopment work. Read our report here.]