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Long running legal battle between Hendrix companies settled

By | Published on Monday 17 August 2015

Jimi Hendrix

A long running dispute between the company that represents the Jimi Hendrix Estate – Experience Hendrix LLC – and another company which exploited the late guitarist’s image,, has seemingly been settled.

This dispute was often pitched as a battle within the Hendrix family, because Jimi’s bother Leon had some connection with, while their adopted sister Janie heads up the official Hendrix company. Though Leon’s exact role in, and this lawsuit, isn’t entirely clear.

Either way, the legal battle between the two companies had rumbled on for sometime, testing so called publicity rights under American law, as well as some constitutional issues around the rights and wrongs of specifically choosing to fight a case of this kind in states where such rights are protected posthumously.

But, according to The Seattle Times, it emerged last week that the ongoing dispute was actually settled last month. So, we’ll say no more about it.