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Lord Buckethead releases Christmas single

By | Published on Thursday 21 December 2017

Lord Buckethead

Theresa May’s having a tough time. She’s struggling to keep someone, anyone, with a friendly face in her cabinet. Meanwhile, she’s ultimately in charge of those Brexit negotiations, which David Davis is making a right pig’s ear of on her behalf. And then there’s Parliament fighting to protect the sovereignty of Parliament, a principle all her pro-Brexit ministers are much less keen on now than they were before the EU referendum.

With all that to think about, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the PM has completely forgotten to record a Christmas single. Never mind though, the hero of her stupid snap General Election from earlier this year – Lord Buckethead – has just released one.

As you must surely remember, Lord Buckethead was one of the candidates to stand against May for the parliamentary seat in Maidenhead. Pictures of her standing next to or near him as the votes came in were one of the daft highlights of a very daft election.

Making the most of his return to politics, and the public eye, 25 years after standing against John Major in Huntingdon in 1992, Lord Buckethead has now released a Christmas single, called ‘A Bucketful Of Happiness’. Avoiding focussing too much on politics, the song aims to spread festive goodwill and cheer, with lines like “joy to the whole human race, I’d smile if I had a face”.

If you want something a little more acerbic, you’ll need to go back to Captain Ska’s song about Theresa May, ‘Liar Liar’, which went to number four in the charts the week of the disastrous election. She later said that she “doesn’t much like” that song. No idea what she thinks of Lord Buckethead’s Christmas effort.

If she’s not yet heard it, she can watch the video here (as can you):