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Lorde “told off” after revealing voting plans on Instagram

By | Published on Wednesday 5 October 2022


Lorde has been forced to remove an Instagram post encouraging fellow Auckland residents to vote in local government elections because she included her ballot paper and said who she was voting for. And that, you see, is not allowed under New Zealand election rules.

“I’m proud to be voting Efeso Collins for mayor of Auckland”, she wrote in the original post. “Local election turnout is low as always – get out there – your community needs you”.

When the post was taken down, she updated fans in a story post, explaining: “OK, so the Electoral Commission told me off because you’re not allowed to post anything about who you’re gonna vote for or show voting papers. The post still applies – get out there”.

Yes, do get out and vote, Aucklanders. Voting is fun. Vote for whoever you want to, as well. Don’t be swayed by Lorde. Luckily, now that her post has been deleted, you’ll never know who she was voting for anyway. All of that information has definitely been totally scrubbed from the internet. I don’t think you can find it anywhere now.

Lorde isn’t the first pop star to fall foul of electoral laws. Back in 2016, Justin Timberlake was told he faced a prison sentence after posting a picture of himself voting over there in the USA.

Although it later turned out that that wasn’t the case, with Shelby County DA Amy Weirich putting out a statement confirming that an earlier one saying that the incident was being investigated was incorrect.