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Playlist: Los Campesinos!

By | Published on Thursday 3 November 2011

Los Campesinos!

Formed in Cardiff in 2006, Los Campesinos! signed to Wichita later the same year, after their demos and early gigs created a considerable buzz. Following a number of single releases, the band released their debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’ in February 2008, wasting no time with the follow-up, ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’, which came out in October the same year.

Album number four, ‘Hello Sadness’, is now ready, and due for release on 14 Nov – for an early taste, go and grab free download, ‘By Your Hand’  – and this Sunday they kick off a short UK tour with a matinee show at the Barfly in Camden, before spending the next week travelling the UK playing more typical night time gigs.

Ahead of all of that, we asked guitarist Neil Beale to put together a Powers Of Ten playlist for us. Here’s what he told us about his selections: “It’s been a while since I had to compile a playlist AND write about the songs. I’m definitely not much of a music journalist and as I was compiling the list I questioned how much of a music fan I am. Are these songs meant to be relevant? Are they meant to reflect my music taste? Does anyone even care? Anyway, after about ten minutes of scouring Spotify I came up with a suitable playlist. A friend and I run a kind of club night in Cardiff where we just play American indie rock and post-hardcore and stuff that people generally don’t want to hear on a night out. I think most of my choices came from that…”

Click here to listen to Neil’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his choices.

01 Jim O’Rourke – Viva Forever
A few of us in the band are big fans of Jim O’Rourke, but it wasn’t until we started working with our current sound engineer, Paul ‘Fatcliff’ Ratcliff, that we heard this absolutely brilliant cover of the Spice Girls’ ‘Viva Forever’. Paul often puts it on after a gig. It makes packing up that little bit more bearable.

02 The Wrens – This Boy Is Exhausted
I’m a pretty big fan of American indie-rock. It’s only natural, then, that I chose this song. And what a belter it is.

03 Big Star – Feel
I have to admit that I arrived too late to the Big Star party. Unfortunately it was Alex Chilton’s death that pushed me to investigate. What can I say? There are just too many bands and not enough time.

04 Kurt Vile – Hunchback
This song is just so… cool. I’m a fan of Kurt’s other stuff but this song has a brilliant swagger and it seems so effortless.

05 EMA – Marked
I saw EMA in Manchester earlier this year. I hadn’t heard the record before I saw her but she really blew me away. She was supporting Scout Niblett and made her seem kind of dull. No offence, Scout. I do like your music!

06 Copy Haho – A Winter On The Run
Copy Haho are good friends of ours, but I should point out that I’m not including them on this playlist for that reason. I’m friends with lots of people who make terrible music. ‘A Winter On The Run’ would be on my all my time favourite songs list, if such a thing existed.

07 Smith Westerns – Imagine Part Three
We played some shows with these guys in America two years ago. They released their second record in January and it’s probably one of my favourite releases of the year.

08 Gun Outfit – Work Experience
This record came out on PPM Record’s a few years ago (they’ve released another record since) and it seems to be one of those records that people don’t know but when they hear it they really dig it.

09 Fucked Up – Turn The Season
How many bands could release an eighteen track concept record that’s over an hour long? Probably quite a few. But how many of them would be totally shite? The new Fucked Up record is genuinely incredible. I can listen to it and not even notice that over an hour has passed. My record of the year, I think.

10 Hot Snakes – XOX
Hot Snakes are probably one of my all time favourite bands. If you haven’t heard their ‘Suicide Invoice’ album then you need to. And then go and see them in December.