Lou Reed and Metallica stream album

By | Published on Thursday 20 October 2011

Lou Reed & Metallica

Lou Reed and Metallica have put their entire collaborative album, ‘Lulu’, up online for all to hear. Well, they’re saying it’s just 30 second clips of all the tracks on the album, which was meant to run to 90 minutes, but who uses Soundcloud to just post previews of tracks? No one. Is it not more likely that someone with ears at the record label listened to the full 90 minute epic, made a few cuts here and there, and the five minutes now streaming is what’s left? (For the record, they are saying they’ve posted the same 30 second clips used by an unnamed online retailer because they wanted fans to have access to better quality previews, but that’s just as stupid).

Anyway, should you be too busy to listen to the album, The Daily Swarm has done a track by track review written in suitably painful prose.

If you’ve got five minutes to spare, have a listen to the full album here:

Lulu (30-second Samples) by Lou Reed & Metallica