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Louise returns with Clean Bandit collaboration

By | Published on Friday 5 July 2019


Louise of both Eternal and Louise fame has announced her long awaited musical comeback. You were all waiting, right? But how has she announced it, you wonder? Well, by releasing a new single. That seems like the obvious way to do it. I suppose you’d have her walking across the wings of a light aircraft with a big luminous sign. You’re such an idiot.

Actually, technically she announced her big return back in March, again by releasing a single. But I don’t think we’ll count that as an official announcement, because said release was what a more cruel person than me might call ‘a flop’. Though only because it failed to chart. Which hardly seems like a fair way to judge something’s success. It got playlisted on Radio 2 after all and, I am assured, was very well reviewed.

Actually, the month before that non-flop single, she also announced new record and publishing deals. Which, again, might be considered an official announcement of her return.

Although if you’re going to start counting things like that as official announcements of her return, then you might as well count all the times since 2017 that she’s said she’s recording new music. Or released new performance videos on her YouTube channel. Or performed a live show. But, you know, that’s going to result in an awful lot of counting.

Anyway, until now none of these Louise things have involved Clean Bandit. But has that now changed, you wonder? You bet your fucking face it has. Because her new single, ‘Lead Me On’, was co-written and produced by Clean Bandit. You know, Clean Bandit. Like, the famous Clean Bandit off of pop music and all that. Yes, them! They did it!

What a way to announce your big return after nearly two decades of silence! It’s lucky nobody remembers any of the other previous announcements of the big return, because that could slightly tarnish this one, and this one is a real big bang of an announcement.

“Clean Bandit were at the top of my wish list to work with on this album and I am so excited about the outcome and sharing this track”, says Louise. “The lyrical concept of the song is something I am sure everyone has related to at some point in time”.

Lousie will release her fourth solo album – her first for eighteen flipping years – on 18 Oct. ‘Heavy Love’, it’s called. I read somewhere that there’s collaboration with Clean Bandit on it. That’s big news if it’s true! I await the official announcement with intrigue.

Watch the video for ‘Lead Me On’ here: