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Love feels the strain of safeguarding Cobain’s legacy

By | Published on Tuesday 21 May 2013

Courtney Love

Courtney Love sometimes feels the strain of having to guard the Nirvana catalogue from Broadway opportunists, or so she says in a new interview with Bust magazine.

Says Love of her role in protecting the songs catalogue of late husband Kurt Cobain: “The Nirvana stuff is fucking cursed in my opinion… Somebody has to guard the gates of this thing, because you know what would happen? The second I sell [all the rights], it becomes a jukebox musical, makes a billion dollars, and you’ve got jazz hands on Broadway. Or he’ll be in Gatorade commercials”.

She goes on: “I will never sell the fucking stakes I have in it, because no one else will bother protecting him. [Though] some days I look at my passport and I’m like, ‘Can I just leave?’ Because it’s so much pressure”.

The Cobain catalogue is actually administered by Primary Wave Music, of course, which acquired a 50% stake in the songs in 2006. It’s not entirely clear what rights of veto Love retains over the catalogue, though seemingly not enough to stop Kermit The Frog “raping” Cobain’s legacy.