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Mac DeMarco hopes to get “get a new homie” after Mitski album title fall out

By | Published on Tuesday 9 July 2019

Mac DeMarco

The internet is just awful. It’s always been awful. I don’t know why we’ve persevered with it for so long. Perhaps because very occasionally something almost nice happens on it and people think that’s enough. Like, maybe Mac DeMarco and Mitski are going to be great friends now. And all because the internet is just so fucking awful.

You may remember that, earlier this year, DeMarco announced his new album ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’, releasing the first single ‘Nobody’. Mitski fans noted that she released an album called ‘Be The Cowboy’, the first single from which was called ‘Nobody’.

Mitski fans online quickly whipped themselves into a frenzy over this, deciding that DeMarco should probably be murdered with sticks for his outrageous same name offence. Although Mitski herself said that it was a “non-issue” that she found funny.

Speaking on Beats 1 yesterday, DeMarco said he had found the whole thing quite “confusing”, but in the end, he put it down to the general awfulness of everything, noting: “Look at the world we’re living today. You know, people just want to have a go, and they did, and that’s fine. If I made somebody satisfied or got their anger quota on or something, that’s fine”.

“It was just flabbergasting that people were like, ‘Mac’s trolling us'”, he added. “It’s like, ‘No – why would I do that? Come on'”.

Anyway, the whole situation has brought DeMarco and Mitski into contact, with a new friendship blooming out of the gloom. “She was sweet about it, and I’m thankful for that”, he said. “I talked to her a little bit, and she seems really cool. I think we’re playing some festivals together in the next couple of months, so hopefully I get a new homie out of the experience”.

Let’s hope so, otherwise what is even the point?