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Macca’s anti-leather rider exposed

By | Published on Monday 7 January 2013

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney hates leather, and can’t bear the sight of too much tree trunk. I know all this because the ex-Beatle’s backstage rider (albeit circa his 2002 ‘Driving USA’ tour) has just been published by specialist in the sphere, The Smoking Gun, which highlights Macca’s various ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ amid an extravagantly anti-dead-animal tour dossier.

Amid specifications for Macca’s dressing room, aka “inner sanctum”, is a “crucial” boycott on “furniture made of animal skin or print” and/or “glass or lacquer”. Catering, meanwhile is to be vegetarian-only, with a blanket ban on all and any meat and meat-based by-products.

In that same spirit of killing plants rather than other organisms, Mr McCartney, who’s apparently “very fond of flowers”, wants to have lots of dead ones in vases about the place (“freesia is a favourite”). “Tree trunks” and “weedy things” are a no-no, mind, since Macca prefers “plants that are just as full on the bottom as the top”. Whatever that may mean.

Fond of flowers, loathes meat. That could be the title of Macca’s next album. Unless Morrissey gets there first. See the full rider here.