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Madonna might go back to Warner for her next album

By | Published on Monday 10 August 2020


Madonna might return to Warner Music, according to gossipers who have been busy gossiping with The Sun. Although other sources reckon that the tabloid is exaggerating things somewhat, and that talks for any new record deal are still in the early stages.

The major label released all of Madonna’s music for nearly three decades – starting with her eponymous debut album in 1983 – and was also in business with the musician for some of that time via the Maverick joint venture.

But then Madonna did one of those mega-bucks 360 degree deals with Live Nation, which included recordings as well as live activity.

Except that by the time Madonna had fulfilled her contractual commitments to Warner, Live Nation had gone off the idea of launching a record label, and so instead a deal was done with Universal Music’s Interscope. It then handled the release of 2012’s ‘MDNA’, 2015’s ‘Rebel Heart’ and last year’s ‘Madame X’.

Madonna’s commitments to the Universal division are now fulfilled, hence why she is in talks for a new label deal, and hence the gossip about a grand return to Warner.

Such a move would be a nice coup for the mini-major, albeit presumably an expensive one in the short term. And so expensive can it be to secure new deals with superstars, often they aren’t that lucrative down the line either, even if they result in successful album releases.

But still, for fans of circular journeys, seeing Madonna back under the Warner banner would be nice. Yay circular journeys!