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Mail hack calls on Dr Murray to talk to La Toya

By | Published on Wednesday 15 July 2009

One of the journalists who interviewed La Toya Jackson last week has urged Michael Jackson’s former personal doctor Conrad Murray to get in touch with the late singer’s family.

As previously reported, La Toya told journalists from two UK tabloids last week that she believed her brother had been murdered by being deliberately given an overdose. The interviewer from one of those papers, the Mail On Sunday, seems to think that the late king of pop’s sister suspects Murray may have been involved in that conspiracy, or at least know something about it, and says the medic should speak to La Toya to address those suspicions.

As previously reported, Murray was questioned by LA police within a day of Jackson’s death, and they said they were confident he had no part to play in the singer’s demise. Murray also denied reports that he had administered a shot of a prescription drug to Jackson minutes or hours before his death. At the time Murray’s attorney said the doctor had nothing to hide, and was more than happy to help in any investigations that might throw light on how his former boss and patient came to die.

But Mail On Sunday hack Caroline Graham has told US talk show host Larry King that the family still think Murray has questions to answer, if only because Jacko reportedly died while in Murray’s room at the singer’s rented Hollywood home. Graham: “Why doesn’t Dr Murray talk to La Toya? She wants to talk to him. The family would love to speak to him. She told me that the room [where he died] was beside Michael’s big bedroom. He had a big bedroom. Across the hallway was a small room. Maybe Dr Murray wasn’t sleeping there. It was described to her as Murray’s bedroom. Michael’s daughter Paris said that that was Dr Murray’s room and that when daddy was in there getting his oxygen the children were not allowed in there”.

Asked by King if she was accusing Murray of murder, Graham continued, diplomatically: “I think she certainly has a lot of questions that she would love to ask Dr Murray. And he’s just not available to speak”.

In related news, it’s been reported that La Toya was “compensated” for talking to the Mail about her brother’s death. It’s not clear what that means, though some are sure to criticise the Jackson sibling if she’s seen to profit from her brother’s death.