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Majors collaborate on global rights database

By | Published on Wednesday 11 August 2010

The lovely girls and wonderful guys over at the EMI and Universal music publishing companies have teamed up to try to create the world’s first global database of music rights, recording who owns all the various rights in each territory in every song and sound recording currently under copyright.

The publishing majors will work with various digital music firms and collecting societies to compile the database, which is designed to make it easier for licensees to access songs and for rights holders to get paid. The new initiative stems from a working group originally set up in 2008 by EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, those EU types being very keen for the licensing of music across borders to be simplified.

The working group has now put together a ‘request for proposal’ document and are inviting clever technical types to come forward with proposals as to how the global database might work. The deadline for submissions is 15 Oct, and the request for thingy can be accessed at