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Mani goes bananas for Stone Roses tour

By | Published on Monday 31 October 2011


Stone Roses bassist Mani has revealed that he is going to eat nothing but bananas until next year’s Stone Roses reunion tour starts. Something like that. I’m not sure an exclusively banana-based diet is actually that good for you. But hey, I’m not a doctor. Neither is Mani, for that matter.

He told The Sun: “The moment I heard we’d sold 225,000 tickets in an hour I thought, ‘Bloody hell, I’d better get myself sorted for this one’. I can’t believe all this is going on but we’ve got to prepare big time, so it’s bunches of bananas for me for a while now. I’d forgotten how good they taste. They’re brilliant. I hope they’ll do the trick and get the old fitness levels sorted for me”.