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Manowar force tribute band to redesign logo

By | Published on Monday 30 October 2017


A “feminist tribute band” to American metal outfit Manowar – called Womanowar – have been forced to change their logo after the threat of legal action from the band they seek to honour.

Womanowar is fronted by Nina Osegueda of another American metal band called A Sound Of Thunder, with two other members of that group also involved in the side project.

However, Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio doesn’t seem too keen on the tribute and, having previously tried to have a Womanowar video on YouTube blocked, has now forced them to redesign their logo.

According to MetalSucks, legal reps for DeMaio wrote to Womanowar to tell them that their logo – a play on the official Manowar logo – “is likely to cause confusion among the consuming public”. To that end, the legal letter noted, “demand is hereby made that you immediately change your logo so as not to be confusingly similar to our client’s logo”.

Writing on Facebook last week, Womanowar announced that “Joey DeMaio’s lawyer has spoken so we have to take down our logo”. They then encouraged fans of the tribute band to propose new logos,¬†which they did. And so the band are currently¬†using this marvel.