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Mariah Carey sues promoter over cancelled shows

By | Published on Wednesday 11 January 2017

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has finally found something to take her mind off that New Year’s Eve TV performance. She’s suing a promoter in South America who she claims failed to pay her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carey’s Mirage Entertainment is suing FEG Entretenimientos for breach of contract. The singer cancelled two shows in Argentina and Chile in October, saying that the company failed to make agreed payments for her full fee by the end of September. With the first show due to take place on 28 Oct, Carey cancelled on 25 Oct, which FEG counters damaged its reputation.

Mincing no words, Mirage’s lawsuit says: “In the music industry everyone knows the familiar story of the deceitful promoter that promises to pay and fails to deliver. This lawsuit is filed in part not only to confirm the multiple breaches of the contracts by FEG … but to warn the artistic community not to trust any promises from FEG”.

It was unreasonable to expect Carey and her team to travel all the way to South America on the promise that payments would be made, the lawsuit goes on. And more so than FEG, it was the singer’s reputation that was damaged by the late pulling of the shows. She also missed out financially, it is claimed, because she turned down other opportunities in order to play the shows in Argentina and Chile.

In other Mariah Carey news, her Hollywood Walk Of Fame star was vandalised this week. Some ruffian drew a question mark after her name, so that it read “Mariah Carey?” The Hollywood Historic Trust, which sells the pavement stars to LA’s more egotistical celebs, quickly washed off the graffiti at a cost, it is claimed, of $1500. Which seems like a lot of money to wipe off a little bit of marker pen ink.

Police are apparently investigating the ‘crime’.