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Mariah Carey’s 2001 album Glitter shining in iTunes charts

By | Published on Thursday 15 November 2018

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s 2001 album ‘Glitter’ is riding high in iTunes charts around the world. This follows a campaign by fans to get the singer’s soundtrack to her film of the same name the recognition they believe it deserves.

The album is currently at number one in the US iTunes album chart, while it sits at number six in the UK. Fans behind the #JusticeForGlitter campaign see this as just that – justice for an album that never got its dues.

‘Glitter’ was seen as a commercial flop when it was originally released, its lack of success hindered not just by lukewarm reviews and the film it soundtracked being universally panned, but also because it was released on 11 Sep 2001. That said, it entered the Billboard chart at number seven with first week sales of 116,000. Not great at the time, but very respectable now. It’s unlikely its current chart success is matching those sales.

It’s not about matching or exceeding the past though, it’s about perceived success right now. So fans are buying the album up as fast as they can and sharing their stories about how, actually, they think it’s really good.

Carey herself has been keeping a close eye on all these goings on. As the album broke into the US iTunes top ten yesterday, she tweeted: “Not sure what’s happening but I love it! The Lambily is amazing at getting #JusticeForGlitter”.

She calls her fans The Lambily, by the way. When the album reached number two last night, she tweeted loudly, “I CAN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY”. And the weirdness of that sentence suggests that she really can’t. Or doesn’t. Whatever.

It remains to be seen how all these iTunes sales translate into actual official chart positions. Her new album, ‘Caution’, is out tomorrow, so presumably the ‘Glitter’ campaign will stop to make way for that. Still, it would be quite funny if ‘Glitter’ ended up being more successful than her latest effort. That would pa the way for a #JusticeForCaution campaign in 2034.