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Maroon 5 guitarist takes plea deal in cocaine possession case

By | Published on Thursday 19 May 2016

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 guitarist Mickey Madden has accepted a plea deal over cocaine possession charges, following an arrest in New York back in January.

Johnson was allegedly seen passing cocaine to movie producer Bingo Gubelmann outside St Dymphna’s bar in the city’s East Village on 21 Jan. Both men were arrested. The guitarist’s lawyer told New York Daily News earlier this week that his client had never touched any drugs and it was basically all Gubelmann’s fault. Though accepting the plea deal means that argument will never have to be presented in court.

In order to avoid trial, Johnson agreed to carry out one day of community service. Accepting a similar deal, Gubelmann agreed to spend a day in a drug treatment centre. Both men’s cases have now been adjourned for six months, and will be dismissed entirely if they do as they have agreed and avoid being arrested in that time.