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Mary Megan Peer becomes CEO of Peermusic

By | Published on Friday 11 December 2020


Independent music publisher Peermusic has a new CEO, though it’s still a Peer, so no need for a rebrand. Mary Megan Peer is being promoted to the CEO role, taking over from her father Ralph Peer II in running the music firm founder by her grandfather Ralph Peer back in 1927.

Confirming her new role, Mary says: “I’m honoured to be named Peermusic’s fourth CEO by my father at such a strong time in the company’s history. His principled leadership is reflected in Peermusic’s client-centric ethos and the respect our colleagues have for writers and for each other. Like many in the company and within the industry, I have learned a great deal from him and am thankful to have the opportunity to continue to do so as he starts the next chapter of his career at Peermusic”.

That next chapter for Ralph II is taking on the role of Executive Chair. He will remain on the board and continue to advise the business, and also represent the company within various industry bodies, including the US National Music Publishers’ Association and the International Confederation Of Music Publishers.

On his continuing role, he adds: “It’s been a very satisfying challenge to have stewarded Peermusic’s heritage repertoire, made possible through the genius of my father and the savoir faire of my mother, while simultaneously keeping our firm active and successfully engaged with contemporary repertoire and global music publishing policy. I feel privileged to engage with global cultures and intellectual property issues on a daily basis. In short, I love my job and relish the intellectual environment it provides”.

As Mary noted, she is the fourth Peer to lead Peermusic, her grandmother Monique Peer having run things for just over two decades after the death of her husband in 1960.